MESON2008 - proceedings
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The Conference proceedings will be published as a special issue of International Journal of Modern Physics A.
The contributions should be prepared using LaTeX document formatting and the provided by the publisher class files. The ws-ijmpa.cls file with a LaTeX template file can be downloaded here. Additionally an example with a long collaboration list is available here. Please follow those examples, do not change the formats (spacings etc.) - it is a small effort for a single manuscript and saves us a lot of editing work (we have to process more than 80 papers - please have mercy !).

The limits are 8 pages for the invited (plenary) talk and 4 pages for a contributed (parallel) talk.

The deadline for sending your LaTeX source (and eventual eps figure files) is August 16-th, 2008 !

Due to several requests, the deadline fur manuscript submission has been extended to September 10-th, 2008. This is the final date, please keep in mind that we will not be able to accept contributions comming later !

The necessary files should be sent by e-mail to: