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This year we do not interface between the hotels and you. We hope this will allow to avoid unnecessary chaos and let you choose the accommodation which you find most suitable for you. You are free to choose from the plenty of Cracow hotels (using e.g.

However, for your convenience we have prebooked a number of hotel rooms in four hotels we collaborated with at the previous editions of the MESON conference. If in your booking you quote the word "MESON 2014" you will get the special price we negotiated for our guests.

The location, prices, deadlines and contact information are collected below (table and map).

Hotel Name Deadline Single Double Breakfast Contact
St. Pigoń Guesthouse subject to
210-230 zł 320-340 zł included WWW
Floriańska Guesthouse subject to
190-240 zł 300-340 zł included WWW
Ibis subject to
279 zł 279 zł +34 zł WWW
Student Hotel Nawojka subject to
105-115 zł 120-130 zł +15 zł WWW
Student Hotel Żaczek subject to
120 zł 140 zł +15 zł WWW

1 EUR ≈ 4.14 zł (PLN)

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