MESON 2002
 7th International Workshop on Meson Production,
Properties and Interaction

Kraków, Poland
24 - 28 May 2002


Friday, 24 May
Chairperson: A. Budzanowski
9:00 Opening
9:30 M. Pennington Durham University Low energy hadron physics
10:00 J.R. Comfort Arizona University Crystall Ball physics
10:30 B.S. Zou IHEP Beijing N* and meson resonances from J/psi decays
11:00 Coffe break
Chairperson: W. Kuehn
11:30 Ch. Biino CERN Review of experimental results on Direct CP Violation in the kaon system
12:00 I. Adachi KEK Recent results from the Belle experiment
12:30 J. Brose TU Dresden Results on CP violation in the B0-meson system
13:00 I. Bigi Notre Dame University CP Violation Studies -- Chances for a "New Alliance"
15:00 Parallel sessions
Saturday, 25 May
Chairperson: R. Kulessa
9:00 T. Boccali CERN Aleph Recent results in heavy flavor physics
9:30 A. Szczepaniak Indiana University Interpretation of light exotic mesons and implications for future exotics searches
10:00 J. Olsson DESY Meson production and spectroscopy at HERA
10:30 B. Lewandowski Bochum University Spectroscopy of heavy quarks
11:00 Coffe break
Chairperson: B. Krusche
11:30 W. Briscoe Washington University Photoproduction of pseudoscalar mesons at JLab
12:00 N. Muramatsu JAERI/Spring8 Recent results from the LEPS collaboration at Spring-8
12:30 C. Schaerf Rome University Meson photoproduction with polarized gamma rays at GRAAL
13:00 A. Dzierba Indiana University Search for gluonic excitations in the Hall D experiment at JLab
15:00 Parallel sessions
Monday, 27 May
Chairperson: J. Gasser
9:00 R. Fantechi INFN Pisa NA48 results on neutral kaon rare decays and prospects for charged kaon physics
9:30 D. Ryckbosch University of Gent Exclusive meson electroproduction from HERMES
10:00 R. Stefanski Fermilab Dalitz plot analysis of 3 body D Meson decays
10:30 A. Magiera Jagellonian University pi0-eta mixing and isospin symmetry breaking
11:00 Coffe break
Chairperson: J. Niskanen
11:30 M. Wolke FZ Juelich Kaon production and interaction
12:00 M. Buescher FZ Juelich Investigation of K+ - meson production in pA collisions with ANKE
12:30 M. Chapkine IHEP Protvino Inclusive J/psi production in two-photon collisions at LEP II with the DELPHI detector
13:00 N. Bianchi LNF Frascati Spin structure of the nucleons from HERMES
Chairperson: I. Iori
15:00 W. Meyer Bochum University First measurements of the GDH integral for protons from 200 to 3000 MeV at MAMI and ELSA
15:30 P. Valente Rome University Recent results from the Kloe experiment at the Dafne Phi-Factory
16:00 H. Merkel Mainz University Pion threshold electroproduction as test of Chiral Perturbation Theory
16:30 C. Elster Ohio University Photoproduction of the eta Meson from the Deuteron Near Threshold
17:00 Coffe break
17:20 K. Peters Bochum University GSI future project: research with antiprotons
17:50 F. Goldenbaum FZ Juelich ESS future project
Tuesday, 28 May
Chairperson: H. Koch
9:00 H. Clement Tuebingen University Two pion production in Nucleon-Nucleon Collisions
9:30 J. Gasser Bern University pi-pi scattering at low energy
10:00 J. Stern IPN Orsay Chiral Dynamics in the presence of strange quark pairs
10:30 M. Iliescu LNF Frascati Exotic atoms production from DEAR on DAFNE
11:00 Coffe break
Chairperson: H. Koch
11:30 J. Saborido University of Santiago de Compostela Di-meson lifetime measurement with DIRAC
12:00 V. Metag Giessen University Challenges and Perspectives in Hadron Physics

Parallel sessions Friday, 24 May

Session A
Chairperson: B. Zou
15:00 S. Wycech IPJ Swierk The eta-pi mixing and eta-He bound state
15:20 J. Niskanen University of Helsinki Charge symmetry breaking in pion production
15:40 A. Kudryavtsev ITEP Moscow Aspects of a0-f0 mixing in the reaction pn -> da0
16:00 M. Ulicny FZ Juelich Isospin symmetry breaking and beam momentum independence observed in pion production in p+d reactions
16:20 Coffe break
Chairperson: C. Elster
16:50 P.-E. Tegner Stockholm University The observation of deeply bound pionic states of xenon produced in d+AXe -> {A-1}Xepi+3He reactions
17:10 L. Lesniak IFJ Cracow A new analysis of the pi+pi- and pi0pi0 data
17:30 F.P. Sassen FZ Juelich A dispersiv model for 3-meson vertex functions
17:50 P. Kulessa FZ Juelich Properties of the decay of strange particles - nonmesonic decay of the $\Lambda$ hyperon in heavy hypernuclei
Session B
Chairperson: J. Comfort
15:00 M. Dillig Erlangen University Exclusive hadronic meson production in meson-exchange and quark models
15:20 C. Hanhart FZ Juelich Theoretical understanding of pion production in nucleon-nucleon collisions - a status report
15:40 D. C. Peaslee University of Maryland J{PC} = (odd){--} radial trajectories for light mesons
16:00 S. Schneider FZ Juelich Pion induced two pion production on the nucleon
16:20 Coffe break
Chairperson: B. Kamys
16:50 P. Moskal FZ Juelich Experimental study of the eta-meson interaction with two-nucleons
17:10 A. Fix Mainz University Interaction of eta mesons with a three-nucleon system
17:30 P. Winter FZ Juelich Analysing power Ay in the reaction pp -> ppeta near threshold
17:50 N. Kozlenko PNPI Gatchina Study of near-threshold production of eta-meson in the reaction pi- p -> eta n
Session C
Chairperson: I. Olsson
15:00 A. Oblakowska-Mucha AGH Cracow The etac(2980) formation in two-photon collisions at LEP energies
15:20 J. Bian IHEP Beijin Study of J/psi to gamma etac
15:40 F. Martin CERN, Aleph Bose-Einstein correlation at LEP
16:00 Z. Guo IHEP Beijin Study of f0(1710) in J/psi to KbarK
16:20 Coffe break
Chairperson: M. Buescher
16:50 A. Szczurek IFJ Cracow Pion-pion scattering above resonances
17:10 M. Mirazita LNF INFN Deuteron two body photodisintegration in the quark hadron picture
17:30 P. Zenczykowski IFJ Cracow Inelastic rescattering in B decays to pseudoscalar mesons
17:50 M. Chapkine IHEP Protvino Measurement of inclusive f_1(1285) and f_1(1420) production in Z decays with the DELPHI detector

Parallel sessions Saturday, 25 May

Session A
Chairperson: A. Dzierba
15:00 B. Krusche University of Basel Photoproduction of eta-mesons from light nuclei
15:20 F. Dohrmann FZ Rossendorf Hyperon-nucleon boundstates and electroproduction of strangeness on light nuclei
15:40 M. Lang MAMI Mainz Results of the helicity-dependent double-pion photoproduction on the proton at MAMI
16:00 A. Machavariani JINR Dubna Field-Theoretical description of the gamma+N -> gamma'+pi'+N' reaction in the Delta+ resonance region
16:20 Coffe break
Chairperson: S. Wycech
16:50 R. Meier Universitaet Tuebingen Pion-proton scattering at TRIUMF and PSI
17:10 A. Koulbardis PNPI Gatchina Investigation of pi-p charge exchange scattering using the Crystal Ball detector
17:30 H. Clement Tuebingen University Status on the search for the NN-decoupled NNpi resonance d'
17:50 R. Siudak Bonn University The Hires experiment at COSY and first test of a new Cherenkov detector
Session B
Chairperson: R. Stefanski
15:00 K.-T. Brinkmann TU Dresden Vector meson production at the COSY-TOF spectrometer
15:20 P. Salabura Jagellonian University New results on rho0 production in pp at 2.85 GeV with DISTO
15:40 A. Zallo INFN Frascati A narrow dip structure in diffractive photoproduction of the 3pi+3pi- final state
16:00 V. Grishina INR Dubna a0(980) resonance production and nonresonant background in the reaction p+p -> d+K++K0 near threshold
16:20 Coffe break
Chairperson: A. Balanda
16:50 A. Sibirtsev FZ Juelich Omega photoproduction from proton
17:10 A. Foerster TU Darmstadt Kaon and antikaon production in heavy ion collisions at SIS energies
17:30 R. Kaminski IFJ Cracow Elimination of ambiguities in pipi amplitudes using Roy's equations
17:50 L. Geren Stockholm University Pionic fusion study of the halo nucleus 6He in the reaction d+4He to 6He+pi+ at CELSIUS
Session C
Chairperson: H. Clement
15:00 E. Fragiacomo Trieste University The T-dependence of the A(pi+,pi+pi) reaction: a tool for studying the sigma dynamics in nuclear matter
15:20 L. Roca Universidad de Valencia The sigma meson in a nuclear medium through two pion photoproduction
15:40 A. Bieniek IFJ Cracow pi omega rho coupling in nuclear medium
16:00 W. Scheinast FZ Rossendorf Production of kaons and antikaons in proton-nucleus collisions near threshold
16:20 Coffe break
Chairperson: N. Muramatsu
16:50 P. Piirola University of Helsinki Fixed-t partial wave analysis of pion-nucleon scattering
17:10 J. Vijande University of Salamanca Bound states of tetraquark system in a constituent quark model and the nature of the f0(980) and a0(980) mesons
17:30 M. Napsuciale Universidad de Guanajuato LSM-CHPT complementarity and radiative phi decays
17:50 D. Bondarev BINP Novosibirsk Measurement of Phi to pi+pi- and Phi to mu+mu- cross sections at CMD2 detector