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The conference proceedings will be published as a special issue of EPJ Web of Conferences.

The contributions should be prepared using LaTeX document formatting and the class files provided by the publisher.
A tarball containing necessary files to produce your contribution, adjusted for MESON2018, should be downloaded from here.

The crucial files are the following:

  • MESON2018_YourName_paper.tex is the basic file to edit, produce your contribution. ONLY a single print-ready pdf-file (with embedded fonts) should be uploaded to indico (My Contributions → View → Upload Paper),
  • MESON2018_YourName_license.pdf is the EPJ license agreement, should be printed, filled in, signed by the author, scanned with a filename following the scheme and uploaded to indico as Notes (My Contributions → View → Edit Materials (pen icon) → Add Material → Material type: Notes),
  • webofc-doc.pdf contains EPJ instructions for authors, should be read only when problems occur, otherwise instructions incorporated into the template file should be sufficient.
Page limits are as follows:
  • 6 pages for a plenary talk or invited parallel talk,
  • 4 pages for a contributed parallel talk,
  • 3 pages for a poster.

The deadline for submission of contributions to our indico system is 31st August 2018.

MESON2018 - proceedings